Where's Bella

Where's Bella is a mystery... A Sims 2 book on the dissaperance of Bella Goth in the small town of Pleasantview. When her daughter Cassandra is nineteen and newly engaged, Bella wants to meet the guy her daughter plans to marry. But... Cassandra's fiance, Don, ends up kissing Bella and Bella and Don have an affair. The next day, Bella gets abducted, but k=no one knows that. The aliens make a clone of her and then accidentally kill the real Bella, and place the clone in Strangetown. (Please, the town of Strangetown... well I describe it by it's name)

In this non-published book, it goes through Bella's life, telling her deepest secrets and even her brother Michael's deep secret with Dina Caliente.

Where's Bella Sneak Peek

Chapter One










Let me think… Where should I start?

My childhood would be good… I think… Yeah, lets start there.


My father, Simis Bachelor, was a big workaholic. He was always working, on weekends, days of the week, (duh!) and even on holidays. (Though, he wasn’t required to work holidays).

          My mother, Jocasta Bachelor, she liked staying home. But, she had a job. She never worked as much as my dad.

          My brother, Michael, he was around the same age as me. We did almost everything together. We fought a lot though. He always thought he was so tough.

Me, Bella, I was more of the smart type. I loved to read. My brother always made fun of me when I would be sitting at the dinning room table struggling and working on my homework. But, he always got yelled at because he never actually did his own homework. (Sucker!)


          My father came downstairs one Wednesday morning. He had his suite neat, and his brief case tightly clutched into his palm.

          “Well, I am off to work, I think today is the lucky day where I will get that big raise,” said my father happily.

“I sure hope so, Simis, you know how-, well, you know” My mother quietly said while she fixed my father’s tie for work.

I knew what she was going to say, but Michael and I were at the table, eating Captain Crunch cereal. My mother didn’t like to say, that we didn’t have enough money to pay off the house. It scared me to see my mother and father in this kind of mess.

“Yes, Jocasta, I know,” he said rolling his eyes, annoyed.

“Have a good day,” my mother called out before he could run for the door.

“You too, love you, love you kids!” Called my father.

“Love you, dad” I said.

My mother sighed and went into the kitchen.


Are you wondering why we can’t pay off our house? I am. My father made good money, but my mother was a cashier at Lothia’s Corner Store. She didn’t make much money off of that job.

I grabbed my empty cereal bowl and walked into the kitchen to put it into the sink. As I was washing out my bowl, I noticed my mother sitting on the patio, out back. She never sat out there, unless she was upset, and she was. But why?

I was about to find out why.

I walked out to the patio and sat on the white patio chair next to my mother.

“Bella, go, you’re going to miss the bus,” my mother said.

“Okay, if I have to miss the bus to find out what’s wrong with you, so be it,” I said.

“No, Bella, I will tell you after school, I don’t have the time to talk to you about this, and nor do you, now go get ready,” my mother sternly said pointing at the door.

“Okay,” I said quietly in a whisper.

I walked upstairs to my Barbie bedroom and grabbed my school backpack. Michael came out of his room with his.

“What’s wrong you big baby?” He asked.

“Leave me alone, Michael, you’re no help,” I said.

Michael walked away while whispering ‘whatever’.


I ran down the stairs and out to the bus.

Usually, while we were on our way out to the bus stop, my mother was on her way to work. I guess she is skipping another day. She skipped a lot of days, because she had to clean, and get dinner prepared, if she waited until she got home from work, she wouldn’t have time to cook, and the house would always be a mess. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just quit. I guess we need more money than what my father made.