The Other World

Lola and Kasidy Benningfield are sisters and best friends. On the way to the mall one day, they get hit by a truck and it's a terrifying car accident.

Lola dies in the accident, but Kasidy doesn't. When Lola goes up to her desired Heaven, she doesn't quite know that she has died, until one man brings her on a journey of freedom and helps her communicate with her family to let them know she is still there.

The Other World Sneak Peek

I walked along a dusty, deserted road. I couldn't remember what had happened before... I got here... I didn't even know where I was. I looked up ahead, avoiding the tumble weeds chasing at my feet, and, there was a town up ahead. 
I ran, faster, and faster. I nearly tripped, but that was one of the least of my issues. 
I reached the town. Lots of town houses, appartments, and single family homes, a town center with lots of neat clothing shops... but then I saw people crossing the street, and a car ran fastly down the street, avoiding the pedesrians, and the car swept through the pedestrians, like a ghost. 
I rubbed my eyes, thinking this wasn't real, but, every driver went through every pedestran.
What was going on?

Chapter 1

Kasidy, my sister, and I were driving to the mall on a bright Saturday afternoon. 
Kasidy was twenty and so was I, we were twins, but fraternal twins, which meant we didn't look alike. She had long silky dark hair and honey golden skin that shined in sunlight, which I had the same thing, but we had different facial structures. 
As we were driving along the highway, we joked and laughed at silly childhood memories. But I noticed something in my rearveiw mirror... a truck... coming at us! It was going to hit us! I screamed and tried driving faster, but the driver in front of me wouldn't go any fastr and I couldn't pass him. 
WAM! We crashed... and all went dark.