That Thing in the Woods

I am working on this book now, it is also mystery, and... a bit of romance.

Refga, Ezra, and Eva are all brother and sisters. Eva being the youngest girl, (8) Ezra, being the middle brother (11) and Refga, being the eldest sister (14). Their father had gotten a new job as a doctor. Their mother is pregnant, and so they needed a new home anyways. The move into a nice little Victoria in front of a cluster of trees that have been reported that people go in, but never come out. Though, Ezra, Refga, and Eva don't know that.

Ezra wants to know what that thing in the woods is after they heard about what's been going on, so he travels in... and Eva, Rega, and his friends and parents never see him again, though a day after a man comes out that looks strangly like him....

That Thing in the Woods Sneak Peek

“We’re here!” my father yelped joyfully. My mother’s face looked pleased that we were here as well. We had just moved to LA from Reston, Virginia. We pulled into a tar driveway in front of a cute yellow paneled Victorian house. It had a freshly painted white fence around the house, and the window frames were painted white as well.

“Oh, this is so exciting! Isn’t it kids?” my mother asked. Then, it was silence. Eva, my sister, was sleeping, and Ezra, my brother, was playing Grand Theft Auto on his PSP. I didn’t talk, I was listening to Lily Allen on my iPod. I let out a groan and opened the backseat passenger door.